Tom Esser M.Sc. Ost.,
Britischer Osteopath GOC
Member of VOD/AAO/GOC

Bettina Gebhardt M.Sc. Ost.
Member of VOD and BDH
Co-Leader of OZK


Responsibility of contents according to § 6 MDStV:


Tom Esser M.Sc. D.O.M.R.O.
non-medical practitioner and Osteopath

Fürstenplatz 3
14052 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 25298968
Fax: +49 30 25298969





Public Health Department: Berlin-Charlottenburg
Tax Number: 19/280/60940


Die Berufsbezeichnung lautet: The proffesional title: Naturopath (Germany)
The professional code is constituted by the law concerning the professional practice of Naturopathy without appointment (Alternative Medical Practitioners Act (HPG)) of February 17, 1939, altered by Art. 53 of the EGStGB of March 3, 1974.


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