Tom Esser M.Sc. Ost.,
Britischer Osteopath GOC
Member of VOD/AAO/GOC

Osteopaths - Head of OZK, Tom Esser M.Sc.

Tom Esser

"The more I learn, the more I know, that I have to learn more.
Eventhough I attended countless study groups,
more than 150 courses of further education in osteopathy
and studied more than 150 books of osteopathic literature,
I still feel like a learner".

Tom Esser M.Sc.

Professional career:
Since 1977 Tom Esser M.Sc. has gained experience in several humanistic therapies and structural body therapies as well. At first he trained as a masseur in the USA and worked in that profession. Since 1987 he concentrated on Osteopathy with over 150 courses and seminars. Since 1991 Tom Esser M.Sc. passes on his knowledge in the USA, Germany, Russia, Latvia and Poland. At the same time he has published many articles about osteopathy and has given lectures at German and international conferences.

January 2007 - January 2011
Study in England to reach the M.Sc. Osteopathy (Master of Osteopathy) at the University of Greenwich England
October 2010
VOD-Congress in Hamburg October 1-3 Tom Esser M.Sc. gave a lecture and workshop about Biodynamical Treatment of Children
Mai 2010
Osteopathy Congress Russia
International Osteopathy Congress in St. Petersburg 7-9 May Lecture and workshop by Tom Esser M.Sc.  Biodynamical Treatment of Children
June 2009
Osteopathy Congress Russia
International Osteopathy Congress St. Petersburg 12-14 June Lecture by Tom Esser M.Sc.  Biodynamical Treatment of Children
From Jim Jealous D.O. autorised Teacher for Biodynamics.

November 2007
MEDICA - Medical Convention
39th World Forum for Medicine, Düsseldorf, November 2007 Tom Esser M.Sc. gave a lecture titled, „What can Osteopathy do for You?“ Facts, Reasons, Questions and Answers
October 2007
Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland e.V. - Congress 2007
Workshops A1 / A2 by Tom Esser M.Sc. : Preventive Osteopathic Check-up for Babies
January 2007 - January 2010
Study in England to achieve the Degree of Master of Science in Osteopathy at the University of Greenwich, England
December 2006
Lecture on treating children with osteopathy
CFK Center for complementary medicine
October 2006
October 21, 2006
Lecture at a health convention in Bochum "A Healthy Spine from Baby to Adulthood"
December 2005
Co-author of the book "Komplementäre Augenheilkunde" (complementary ophtalmology)
by K.U. Marx - Hippokrates Verlag (publisher: Hippokrates)
Available at: Order at
December 2005
Collaboration on the TV show "Quivive" (7.12.05; 20:15 on RBB). Topic: "Does Osteopathy Help Against Headaches?"
October 2005
Lecture about the topic "Postoperative Treatment of the Heart" at the Charité for the European Medical Student Day
May 2005
Completion of 7 years of education in Biodynamics with Dr. J. Jealous D.O. in the USA
October 2002
Awarded title „Osteopath D.O.M.R.O.“ through the VOD (highest award of the german acadamy of Osteopaths)
Lecture about the osteopathic treatment of the jaw, Kieferorthopädische Fortbildungsgesellschaft Berlin Brandenburg (Academy of Education for Orthodontists in Berlin-Brandenburg)
2001 - 35. Medizinische Woche Baden-Baden
Topic: Treatment concepts in the area of throat-nose-ears and TMJ.
2002 - 36. Medizinische Woche Baden-Baden
Topic: Treatment concepts for glaucoma.
September 2000
Fusion of the "Berliner Schule für Osteopathie" with the "Institut für angewandte Osteopathie" (IFAO).
The IFAO takes over the organisation, Tom Esser M.Sc. continues teaching there.
May 2000
Qualification as state approved registered british Osteopath (GOC).
Since 2000
Member of the American Academy of Ostepathy A.A.O. and courses over several years with Philippe Druelle D.O. at Dr. Frymann's D.O. Childrens Center in San Diego. Start of membership at the American Academy of Osteopathy AAO (American Academy of Osteopathy)
1999 - 2002
Research studies about the wide angle glaukoma to gain the title Osteopath D.O..
Lecture at the Charite Berlin about the osteopathic treatment of the TMJ
(Charite, department of orthodontics).
Lecture about the osteopathic treatment of children, Midwife Conference, Schwalmstadt
1996 -2000
Founding of the Institute for Craniopathy which later became the Berlin School of Osteopathy.
Tom Esser, as head of the school, trains physiotherapists, doctors and naturopaths in osteopathy.
Since 1998
Annual courses with James S. Jealous (D.O.F.A.A.O.) in Biodynamics
Since 1997
practice only for children
Since 1996
Annual courses in pediatrics with Viola Frymann D.O F.A.A.O. (Osteopath, probably the best known ostopath in the field of pediatrics worldwide, Dr.Sutherland's student)
- Esotera Hamburg and Berlin, Vital-Messe, Berlin
- AFA, Atemkonferenz, Berlin
- educational conference about the topic "Osteopathy for Physicians", Munich
- "Craniopathy for Physicians", California, USA
- "Thalamus-Heilpraktikerschule", Hamburg and Berlin
1994 - 1996
Collaboration with an orthodontist practice, Itzehoe, Germany.

1993 - 1994
Head of the Department for Craniosacral Therapy at the "Heilpraktikerschulen Thalamus" in all of Germany
Authorization as "Heilpraktiker" (natural practitioner).
Opening of an osteopathic practice in Berlin.
1991 - 1996
Training at the "College Sutherland" and the "Schule für klassische Osteopathie" in Hamburg as an osteopath.
1987 - 1993
Training at the Upledger Institute, Florida, USA, in craniosacral therapy, visceral therapy and muscle energy technique. During this time he assisted at the Upledger Institute and attended classes at the "Brain and Spinal-Cord-Center".
Training as a masseur in the USA.